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Lisa Spencer



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Lisa Spencer is the Chief Meteorologist at News4 in Nashville.

She speaks to hundreds of children a year about weather and has produced her own educational videos you'll find on this site.

Lisa is also an inspirational speaker, sharing her story and even a few songs with groups across Middle Tennessee. You can invite her to speak with your group on this site too.

Lisa has written her first children's book entitled How Do Meteorologists Predict the Future.  Click on the Buy My Book button above to purchase a copy.

Meet the Dogs


Lucy (in Memmoriam)

Lucy is the leader of the pack. The oldest member of the Spencer canines. She was adopted from Williamson County Animal Center as a puppy in 2005. 

She is smart, loyal and very protective of her family. Lucy is a velro dog, she follows me everywhere.



Lyla is a puggle. She has the face of a pug but the body and sense of smell of a beagle. She's really a grand dog, given to daughter Ali in 2016 for her birthday. She is a rescue from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. She went to college with Ali and learned to sleep late and like boys (she used to be afraid of them). 

Lyla is sassy, independent and loves squirrels.


Litzy (in Memmoriam)

Litzy is a precious pug. Adopted from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue after her original human passed away. Litzy has many health challenges. We affectionately call her the "money pug". She now just has one eye and uses a wheel cart to keep up with her pack mates. 

Litzy is sweet, likes to give kisses and loves shoes.

Weather School 4 Kids


Learn about weather with Lisa Spencer by watching these videos.

Some of the videos also include fun experiments.

Click at the bottom of the page to load more.

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